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Crossword Sites:

Brain Bashers Crosswords - Easy, Medium, Hard, Very Hard, Cryptic Crosswords and more.

Australian Crossword Club - A world of Crosswords since 1990

Ray Hamel's Crossword Puzzles - Best Free Stuff on the Web!

Oxbrain Crossword Adventures - Illustrated Stories with Crosswords.

Crossword Puzzles - Interactive English crosswords on the web.

Metacrostics - Acrostic Word Puzzles.

MacNamara's Band Inc. - Crossword Puzzles by renowned constructor Fred Piscop. Custom puzzles are also available.

Coded Crossword is a free to try word game from Yoogi Games - Crossword Constructors Community Center.

Free Online Crosswords - Challenging Cryptic Crosswords.

Enigmatist - Crosswords and Quizzes. - Free Christian Crosswords, Puzzles and Games.

Crossword Mysteries - by Nero Blanc.

Crossword Puzzles and Blokkiesraaisels - by Anina Roux.

Cullen Crosswords - Cryptic Crosswords.

Questique - Strategy Crossword Game.

American Crossword Puzzle Tournament

Zen and the Art of Crossword Puzzles - A Journey Down and Across

NYT Crossword Reference - The best Website for seeing the New York Times crosswords, and a whole lot more.

PettProjects - Celebrity Crosswords, how well do you know the "Famous People" of the world?

COGIX - Crossword, Wordsearch Puzzles and Games.

Puzzlers Cave - The Online Crossword Community.

CrossPlay - A crossword puzzle designer and player that allows you to put your playable crossword puzzle in a web page, export it to a word processor, or print it in the classic style.

Crossword Puzzles and Crossword Dictionary. - Online and Printable Crossword Puzzles Plus a Free Crossword Dictionary.

Crossword Cat - Multilingual Crosswords - Crosswords in Your own language.

Jigsaw Puzzle Sites:

Bermuda Triangle Jigsaw - Unique Jigsaw Puzzle Challenge.

Puzzle House - The Ultimate Jigsaw Puzzle Site.

All Jigsaw Puzzles - UK's Leading Online Jigsaw Puzzles Store. - A New Approach to Buying Jigsaw Puzzles.

B-Jigsaw for Windows - Play jigsaw puzzles with your own pictures on your PC.

White Mountain Puzzles & 1000 Piece Puzzle - Jigsaw Puzzles and Jigsaw Puzzle Accessories at Simplepastimes - offering Jig saw puzzles & games from makers like Ravensburger, FX S! chmid, White Mountain, SunsOut, MasterPieces, Ceaco, Milton Bradley and Parker Bros.

Positively Puzzled! - Turn you favorite photo's into a puzzling family keepsake, a fun activity, or a special gift.

Dotty's Virtual Jigsaws - The largest jigsaw puzzle review site on the web covers online jigsaw puzzles, freeware and shareware. Includes sample jigsaws to play online or download.

Jigsaw Gallery - Jigsaw Puzzles and Games Shipped Worldwide.

PuzzlePicks - Offers fine jigsaw puzzles, children's educational puzzles, quality wooden puzzles, floor puzzles, games, toys and other fine products.

Jigsaw Puzzle Player - Jigsaw puzzles for Windows and Mac OS X. - Online jigsaw puzzles with different numbers of pieces.

Online Jigsaw Puzzles - Online Jigsaw Puzzles to play for free from Crea-Soft. Totally addiction guaranteed!

Icon Jigsaw Puzzle - Jigsaw Puzzle gifts featuring a fantastic jigsaw puzzle gallery and personalized jigsaw puzzle option

Pazuru Puzzles - High Quality Jigsaw Puzzles from Japan.

Phuzzles - Personalised Jigsaw Puzzles from Photographs -Create memorable jigsaw puzzles for your friends and family.

Venus Custom Jigsaw Puzzles - Custom Made Jigsaw Puzzles Custom Photo puzzles custom jigsaw puzzle maker

Connections, Healing Jigsaw Puzzles - Unique and beautiful jigsaw puzzles with the power to heal through self awareness and meditation

Puzzle Sites: - The world's best resource for puzzling on the Internet!

BrainBashers - Brain Teasers and Games.

Puzzle Express - Crosswords and more.

Puzzle Connection - Crossword and WordSearch puzzles

The Pencil Puzzle Connection - Featuring pencil puzzles of all sorts for sale.

Aha! Puzzles - New and exciting creative puzzles.

Beyond the Blackstump

Braingle - Quality Brain Teasers.

D&B Puzzles - Puzzles Book Publishers. Authors include Philip Carter, Ken Russell, Ray Keene & Byron Jacobs.

Serendiptiy Puzzles For Sale - Provides the largest selection of quality puzzles and games along with the lowest prices on the planet.

Springbok Puzzles For Sale - Provides the largest selection of quality puzzles and games along with the lowest prices on the planet.

Jigsaw Puzzles - Provides the largest selection of quality Jigsaw Puzzles, Springbok Jigsaw Puzzles, Serendipity Puzzles for lowest prices.

Jim Loy's Puzzle Page

Pzzls - Here you'll find lots of logic puzzles, puzzling riddles, math puzzles and other brain teasers.

World of CryptoPics - Nonograms/Griddlers Information and Downloads.

Free online crossword puzzles and free puzzles from Seniority

Puzzle Master Inc. - Novelty Puzzles. - A site FOR Puzzlers, BY Puzzlers.

Flash Puzzle Zone - Free online puzzles, games, and more.

The Enigmatic World of Philip Carter. - Excellent Site.

VinCi - Challenge your creative thinking skills.

Puzzle It - A great source for puzzling. - Home of the Paradoxical. Features a selection of paradoxical puzzles, games, illusions, tricks, poems, quotations and more.

The Contest Center - Puzzle contests with big CASH PRIZES, riddles, crosswords, anagrams, jokes, puns, tongue twisters, cryptograms, etc., with links to sweepstakes, lotto, bingo, gaming, much more...

PuzzleMakers - Suppliers of puzzles of all descriptions for magazines, books and the internet. Visit the site to see some samples and learn more.

Enchanted Mind - Creative Java Puzzles to Expand Your Mind.

Crossdown - Professional Puzzle Development

Metacrostics - Acrostic Word Puzzles.

Ken's Puzzle of the Week - An all purpose puzzle blog

Very Difficult Puzzles - Features a collection of puzzles to test the best, including the multi-language crossword, with clues and solutions.

Puzzle Passion - Excellent Puzzle Collection.

Archimedes' Lab puzzle site - A world of illusions, puzzles and recreational maths.

On-line Puzzles! - A great selection English and other puzzles.

Puzzle This - Puzzles of varying difficulty.

Puzzle Vision - Puzzling Makes a Better World.

Free Online Puzzles - Tons of free online puzzles including free jigsaw puzzles, free online crossword puzzles and more!

The Magic Seal - On-line Puzzle, Crossword Puzzle and Downloadable Windows Games.

Livewire Puzzles - Wire Disentanglement Puzzles.

Puzzle Games Resources - A Directory Puzzle Games related websites.

Puzzles Without Rules - Regulary updated, free source of ming-breaking puzzles for the advanced puzzle solver. - Crossword challenges, word search fun, trivia, and a hidden message all in one!

Word and Picture Puzzle - Creativity related fun stuffs: creative thinking puzzles, brain teasers, wordpuzzles, rebuses, catchphrases, free icebreakers, funny pictures, games, quotes, birthday ecards for the creative learning and english learning bunch.

Bedlam Puzzle Ltd - The ultimate thinker's puzzle. All you have to do is put the pieces back in the box. This may sound easy, in fact it is extremely difficult.

Core Concepts - Daily Puzzle Page. - Identify the objects in the photos and win weekly prizes!

Adventures of Cyberbee - Puzzles for students.

Best Kids Puzzles - The best kids puzzles, jessi the kid, crossword puzzles, websters dictionary, printable crossword puzzles.

Pencil Puzzle Games for windows

Glynn Consulting Puzzle Games for Excel

Puzzles Down Under - Huge selection of Brain Teaser & Jigsaw Puzzles.

Jig Jag! - Sliding Block Puzzle Gaming taken to the Max

WordFit! - Daily Printable Word Puzzles

Puzzle Games Free Download - has a collection of nice puzzle games for Windows computer

Puzzles of Leonid Mochalov - Inventor of puzzles and author of entertaining tasks.

Creative Crafthouse - Distinctive handcrafted wood games and brain teaser puzzles.

Passion for Puzzles - People with love and passion for puzzles

Logic Puzzles, Brain Teasers, Riddles, Word Play and Lateral Puzzle Sites:

Conseptis Logic Puzzles - The Art of Logic.

Judy's Logic Problems Home Page

Logic Assistant and Mindgames - Your Free Electronic Puzzle Magazine Delivered Direct to Your PC via eMail

Fundrum My Conundrum - Think outside the box and remove all assumptions with this varied collection of 100 brainteasers.

Free Puzzles - Muder mystery Logic, Math Cryptogram and Word Search.

Just Riddles and More - "Entertainment for your brain!"- A FREE, fun collection of riddles, puzzles, games, illusions, quizzes, downloads and other activities to stimulate your brain! Over 500 pages of fun for everyone!

Mind Bluff - Optical illusions, brain teasers, fun riddles, tactile tricks, mental games, and unusual self-deceptions.

Enigma, The Riddle Page - If you like mind teasing riddles and puzzling logic, you have come to the right place!

Village Quiz Site - Themed Quizzes for all Occasions.

Elogiq - Cmetrick: A new BrainTeaser Puzzle by elogIQ.

CrocoPuzzle - Logical and Mathematical Puzzles.

A Fun Zone! - A Fun Zone offers an absolutely enormous archive of free puzzles, games, brainteasers, quizzes, IQ tests, trivia, contests, and free stuff.

Altura UK Limited - Logic Puzzle Games.

Brainteasers - Includes brainteasers, riddles, paradoxes and optical illusions.

Game Sites:

Mindgames - Puzzles and Games for the Mind.

Free PC Game Downloads - We offer 100's of free game downloads and demos to try before you buy.

Atlantis Games and Art - Puzzles and Games for Sale.

Novel Games - Free Game Downloads.

Eternity Gaming Zone - The games that you will find at Eternity Zone Gaming are full of cool graphics, great sounds, fun music,and best of all are fully-functional Shareware--Space King, the futuristic stock market sim; Jonggy, the card game of the ancients; Futhark, the game of runes;and Wurzgez, the simple yet challenging word guessing game.

1 2 3 Greetings

Free Game Downloads From Redclaw Games Downloadable PC games including Domino Dash and The Goobs. - Free Games.

Mad Data - Developers and Publishers of family friendly 3D, puzzle and arcade games. Free game downloads!

Quandary - Fun For Everyone!

Addictive 247 - Free downloads of arcade, action & puzzle games for your PC.

Blank - The game of long words. A fun new game, totally different to the usual board games.

Look For Games - Look for guides and tips for board games, card games, computer games, console games, fantasy sports, Puzzles and video games.

Phoenix Dyne - The Puzzle Game Place.

Final Fantasy Shrine

Computer Games - Computer Games free downloads site.

3D Darts Professional - Play the most realistic Dart Simulation Game.

3D Magic Mahjongg - Play Mahjongg Solitaire in 3D.

Weave Words Computer Word Game - Find the words, guess the letters, and solve the phrases in the fun new PC word game, Weave Words

Twilight Games - Game Downloads and FREE Demos.

Educational Games Downloads : WinPCWare A software archive of more than 5000 windows applications. Free downloadable software, games and utilites.

Reasonable Games - Your one-stop place on the web to look for logic, puzzle and strategy games.

Magic the Gathering Cards - Sells Magic the Gathering Cards and Magic the Gathering Online - MTGO Cards.

Suricate Software - Free downloads of family friendly 3D games like Ploing2 and Sammy Suricate. - Find the kid games you are looking for. We carry over 200 toys and games to choose from. Our selections include kid puzzles, bible trivias, educational kids gifts and more. - 1000 Games Lines, Free Puzzle Games Download

Alvin's Vintage Games - A very nice site offering a wide variety of vintage games, toys, puppets, jigsaw puzzles and related materials.

Game - A fascinating game of strategy, inventive and explosive!

WordZap - The Addictionary Game

World of Warcraft Gold - Sell world of warcraft gold account, currency and items online.

Computer Games : Free Download Shareware and freeware computer games at

Planet Spogg - Online Games - High quality multiplayer web games

ps2 cheats - Whitedog Games and Accessories offers a selection of gadgets gizmos and add-ons for just about any gaming machines including PS2, Xbox and Gamecube. - Provides imaginative shareware and freeware for all ages. Take some time to explore their site and download some of the great games.

CimaxGames - Fun games for everyone at CimaxGames.

Bubble Games - Interesting puzzle games suitable for all people who enjoy the challenge.

Warheads SE - Online Gaming with Skill.

Game Falls - Real Falls of Games.

Noodan free games - Freeware games to download for free!

Free Games Download - Free Download PC Games of Action Games, Puzzle Games, Arcade Games, Shooting Games,Sports Games and much more. - Christopher's specializes in offering high quality games, nostalgia items and memorabilia to the discriminating buyer at an affordable price. - Free to try downloads of some of the most popular puzzle games on the web.

Puzzles & Games at MZ Estate - Popular game boards for you to print and play, as well as some puzzles I've created. Come be a puzzle pal!

Mad and Free Games - Online games to play for free!

Games4Brains - Online games, puzzles and other brainteasers like Sokoban or Puzznic.

Tobi Lode Runner - Re-experience classic Arcade Hit Lode Runner.

Top Arcade Games - Top Arcade Games for all ages.

Only Free Games - Download free PC games in many categories. - Free Online Games - Hundreds of Flash, Shockwave and Java games to play free online with no downloads!

Lofty Games - An extensive repository of freeware games all available for free download right away!

Play Free Online Games - 100s of games for free to play. New games added every week. No signups No registrations. Just straight game playing.

Flash Games Central - Free Online Games.

Free Reality War Game - Intense military action based on real world events.

Game Index - Wide range of Games for the Xbox, Playstation 2, PC and Gamecube for sale.

Free PC Games

Online Arcade Games - Come and play our games and have a wonderful time!

Puzzle Games - The Goobs Help rescue the stranded Goobs in this colorful fun puzzle game.

Share-Games Shareware Games Free Download

Gamer Play free online games now. No email registration required.

Realore Studios - PC games for kids and adults.

FunZone Connections - Your Connections to the Best Shopping and Online Games on the Web! Fun and Games for ALL Ages to Enjoy!

Arcade Games - Thousands of Free Online Games, Free Flash Games, Free Games and Free Addicting Games at 007 Arcade Games

Free Games - Search and download totally free games, with screenshots, no registration.

Download Windows Games

Download Full PC GamesFull PC Games

Download Free Games

PlayThem - Have Fun!!!

Free Free Games - Your online resource for Free Games! - Online games directory with categorized, searchable listings of online games sites.

BIG online games. - Internet free multiplayer online games directory.

Free Online Games Portal. - Short description and ratings of free multiplayer online games.

Massively Multiplayer Online Strategy Games - Free browser based strategic games, all free to play.

Online RPG Games - All the best Role Playing Games in one place.

Online Games For Parents - offers free online games for parents. Play games online free.

Greenface Boulderdash - Puzzle/Action Game based on classic Boulderdash

Fun- Games - Enjoy the real magic and thrill in the Fun-Games with the JumpHigher’s exclusive JumpDirectory

Bingo and Poker Sites:

Online Bingo - is the Ultimate Online Bingo Hall where a player can join any of our online bingo games available.

Math Puzzle Sites:

Cut the knot - Interactive Mathematics Miscellany and Puzzles.

The Null Set - The Princeton Undergraduate Math Club's website!

Toys and Hobby Sites:

mini R/C hobbies - Retailer offering a wide variety of domestic, import and brand name radio control cars, trucks airplanes, helicopters, boats, accessories and plastic models.

Childrens Wooden Toys - Many childrens wooden toys available online today

Dolls Houses Wooden Toys and Childrens Toy Gifts - Our range includes dolls houses, furniture and dolls, childrens wooden toys, castles, model figures and much more.

Lulu Baby - Educational toys that stimulate children's minds.

Kids Craft - Educational toys for pre-schoolers and educational kid toys and kids crafts.

Fine Wooden Toys - Childrens Wooden Puzzles and Developmental Toys. - Wooden toyboxes,childrens toyboxes,toy chests,blanket toy chests,hope chests and cedar hope chests at Wood Creations Co

Kids Toys - The only website dedicated to toys in India. Enter our online Toy Store in India for Kids.

Create Busy Brains - Children's Educational Toys.

Educational Toys: Digital Blue Toys: Birthday Present Ideas - Educational toys for children, science toys and Digital Blue products are great birhthday present ideas. Find these and many more toys for kids of all ages at

Educational Toys - A world of educational toys, games, crafts, puzzles, to encourage the kid's curiosity, discovery, and creativity.

Wooden and Mechanical Puzzles:

KNOX Wooden Toys, Puzzles and Games - Inventors, Designers and Makers of Mechanical Wooden Puzzles.

Jack in the Box - Scott Stafford's Custom Wooden Jigsaw Puzzles Handcut From Your Images.

Purple Martin Puzzles - Artistic handcrafted wooden puzzles.

Doug' - Custom Handcut Wooden Jigsaw Puzzles.

Wood puzzles by Andy Snowie Designer of the CalmPlex cube and checkerboard puzzle. This puzzle's simplicity belies its innate complexity! See also the PyrPlex pyramid, OrbSticle sphere, CyliPlex cylinder, and the new ConeFusion cone.

Las Vegas Puzzles - A new type of animal puzzles, alligators, lizards, snakes and more. Kids from 8 to 80 love them. Carry them around & love them, or take them apart and put back together.

Mr Puzzle Australia - Mechanical Puzzles and Brainteasers.

Jardin Puzzles - Makers of Fine, Hand-Cut Wooden Jigsaw Puzzles from artwork, prints or photos. Each unique, each a treasure.

Quagmire Puzzle Boxes - Custom 'handmade' mechanical wooden puzzles disguised as boxes. These complex boxes are high quality and are completely original designs constructed of solid hardwoods and completed with a rich hand rubbed finish.

Jigzoos - Unique handcrafted wood animal and name puzzles from Australia. Very colorful, lots of fun, great value.

Len's Crafts - Great Puzzle Plans for Crafters and Woodworkers.

Frik-n-Frak's Curio Shack - A friendly and fun site specializing in high quality Puzzle Boxes, Mechanical Puzzles, Wooden Brain Teasers, Metal Mind Benders and all sorts of unique collectibles and curiosities!

A Crafty Puzzle Company - Handmade Teak Wood Collapsible Puzzles for the whole family, which will test your IQ and lateral thinking.

Puzzle Box - Unique Japanese Secret Puzzle Boxes And More From Around the World.

Wood 'n' Things - A range of the highest quality wooden games, wooden puzzles and handicrafts. The items that are featured within our web site have all been skilfully crafted and finished by hand.

Wonder Workshops - Purveyors of metal and wooden puzzles, old time toys, science amusements and more!

Crossword and Jigsaw Puzzle Making Software Sites:

Tibo Software - Everything you need to play and create great looking puzzles

TEA - Word pattern searcher useful for solving Crossword clues. (Windows)

Inertia Software - Designers of Quality Family Games.

Crossword Compiler - Crossword Puzzle Maker Software.

Ort Software - Home of CrossCraze Crossword Game.

Crossword Construction Kit - The Desktop Publisher for Crosswords!

Arensus Crossword Puzzle Editor - Tool for creating and publishing Crosswords. (Windows.)

Orphalese Crossword Editor - Creates free Java based user Interactive Crosswords in HTML format. Also supports Japanese Hiragana and Katakana character sets.

Crossword and Puzzles Solving and Reference Sites:

CrosswordStar - Crossworders' Dictionary and Gazetteer.

Chambers - Dictionary, Online Reference,Word Wizards, Glossary, Online Crossword and more!

The Ultimate Puzzle Directory: Featuring Excellent Crossword Puzzle Website on the web.

AllWords Dictionary - - a Dictionary, Guide, Community and More - English dictionary with multi-lingual search. It's free, so try the dictionary today!

Other Sites:

Perth Western Australia Portal

Perth Web Hosting

SEO Perth

Lime Search - UK Jigsaw Puzzle Directory - Popular internet web-site containing links to thousands of top-quality resources.

SubmitaWebsite - Search Engine Optimization and Free Submission

Free Link Exchange directory at - Exchange links with multiple websites.

Link Exchange @Linkateer

Phynder - Web Search Directory - Comprehensive Crosswords directory with categorized links to many crosswords sites, forums, playsites, leagues, tournaments and more.

Competitions - Competitions, Prizes and Compers News.

Lunar Antics - Funny cartoons where the inhabitants of the moon hang out here on Earth. But don't let them steal the show because it's really about us Earthlings.

Educational Kids Toys - Your online shopping mall for kids toys, educational toy shopping, used and new toys, Kid's Software, Kid's books, Kid's video games, computer games, Action Figures.

Leisure Max - Live Better

Yoopi! - A comprehensive gaming directory with categorized links to many gaming sites and resources.