Weekly Quiz No. 41

How good is your Music Trivia knowledge?


1. Robert Zimmerman is the birth name of which famous singer?
2. In December 1990, which artist became the only act ever to top the British charts in five separate decades?
3. Michael Buble is a native of what country?
4. What was Paul McCartney’s new band called after he left The Beatles?
5. What is the only song in the rock era to ever hit number 1 twice?
          a. Unchained Melody by The Righteous Brothers
          b. Stand By Me by Ben E King
          c. The Twist by Chubby Checker
6. Who wrote Whitney Houston's 1992 hit song "I Will Always Love You"?
          a. The Bee Gees
          b. Dolly Parton
          c. Bobby Brown
          d. Isaac Hayes
7. What artist(s) holds the record for most #1 hits in America?
          a. The Beatles
          b. Michael Jackson
          c. Elton John
          d. Elvis Presley
8. Which singer is nicknamed "The Boss"?
9. In 1972, who became the youngest singer to have a number one hit in the UK, aged just 9 years old?
10. What group had a hit with the song 'Down under'





© Compiled by Tony McDermott 2005