Weekly Quiz No. 52

How good is your Movie Trivia knowledge?


1. Who is Jon Voight’s famous daughter?
2. What actors role as James Bond ended with the movie "A View To A Kill"?
3. Which movie starred Parminder Nagra is a female soccer player?
4. What actors first name means "cool breeze over the mountains" in Hawaiian?
5. What is Austin Powers middle name?
6. What movie character made Daniel Radcliffe famous?
7. What actor played Muhammad Ali in the movie "Ali"?
8. What 1999 movie was made for $35,000 and then went on to gross $140 million?
9. Who appeared in more Alfred Hitchcock movies than anyone else?
10. What 1999 movie became Tom Hank’s first sequel?





© Compiled by Tony McDermott 2005